What if we had spent a decade worth of paid advertising budget on something else?

While reading Rand Fishkin's blog post on performance advertising being an Analytics Scam, I started thinking about our own marketing budget and what we could have done with that money if we hadn't spent it on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter ads. If we follow his logic and say that the money we spent on ads didn't really make a difference in sales, what else could we have done with the money?

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The indie hackers guide to building your SaaS cashflow forecast

As a bootstrapped startup, cashflow is one of the more important metrics you need to keep an eye on. Not just because you actually need that cash to keep everything running (though this is important). If you're growing, you want to know what's available to re-invest and how many new people can you hire? For us here at Prezly, running this forecast allows us to make sure our hiring plans are feasible and gives us enough of an edge to hire pretty close to what comes in.

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Why does the whole company (still) do support?

One of our main values is "Customer Love" – two words that are easy to scratch down in any company handbook. We want our customers to like us – who can argue with that? Actually acting upon it, actually proving internally and externally that you live by that value, is a lot harder.

Figuring out how to take those words and make them mean something takes meticulous planning and discussions spanning many months.

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Why we don't sell contact lists, and why you shouldn't buy them either

Even after a decade of running a PR tech company, this is still a common question we get from people interested in Prezly. Do you offer journalists' contact details? We've always said No, and it happens that this often stops the conversation. It seems that for some of us, this is a key requirement. Yet, our recent global PR survey shows that the majority of PR practitioners don't deem buying media lists to be essential to doing their job.

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Lessons learned: everyone on first-line support

Why everyone at Prezly communicates with clients

If you’re a Prezly customer, you may have noticed that, depending on the day of the week, you’ll get help from a different Prezly team member. That’s because we have a rotation system for first line support.

It doesn’t matter if you work in sales, development, or design. Everyone needs to do their part.

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Customers before Capital

Raising money is over-emphasised in today’s startup world. The most successful startups seem to be the ones who’re best at raising money. For starting entrepreneurs it feels the logical step to take, but it’s not.

At Prezly, we’ve put our customers before capital. Not because we’re against raising capital, but because our customers are just more important. Customers are the only ones that will decide whether or not we’ve built a viable business. Focussing on our customers, prospects and product got us to profitability quickly.

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